Conveyancing by Greg Nolan Solicitors

We provide conveyancing services and conveyancing advice to clients looking to move house throughout Galway and the rest of Ireland.

Congratulations ! You may have chosen your property or about to choose, and wondering what to do next.

In the normal course, when purchasing a property through an auctioneer, a booking deposit of a nominal amount is paid to the auctioneer to register your interest against the property. A binding contract will not normally be in place until formal contracts are later signed, exchanged and full deposit paid as agreed between the respective solicitors for the vendor and purchaser.

Your auctioneer will ask you to nominate your solicitor for the purpose of having contracts sent to your solicitor. The vendor will then advise their solicitor to send the contracts for sale together with the title documents for the property to your solicitor.

If there is no auctioneer, then the vendor should have his solicitor send on the contracts for sale and title documents to your solicitor. In this instance it is advisable not to pay any booking deposit. A full deposit can be paid at formal signing of contracts.

At Greg Nolan solicitors we look forward to meeting with you, as our client, in consultation, where you will meet with a suitably experienced solicitor who will sit with you to discuss all aspects of the property you intend to purchase. This includes carrying out a detailed review of the title, raising proper enquiries about the title and advising you of the adequacy of the title on offer and whether it should be accepted or rejected before you proceed to sign a binding contract.

We will also deal with your mortgage application and registration of your ownership and your mortgage in the Property Registration Authority (formerly the Land Registry) or Registry of Deeds.

At all times we strive to ensure that your purchase is dealt with in a timely, professional and courteous manner.

For more information regarding our conveyancing services, please feel free to call us on 091 582 942