Wills and Probate by Greg Nolan.

Greg Nolan Solicitors provide Wills and Probate Services throughout Galway and the rest of Ireland.

The importance of making a properly constructed will cannot be overstated. It is of great relief and comfort to families when they discover that their loved one has taken the time to make a will and thereby make proper provision for their family and loved ones.

However, it is often the case that the deceased person has not made a will. In that instance his or her Estate will be dealt with under the laws of intestacy.

At Greg Nolan solicitors we assist and advise on the following areas:-  

  • Succession law and estate planning
  • Drafting of wills
  • Probate and administration of estates
  • Probate related sales of property
  • Creation and administration of trusts and settlements
  • Advising on beneficiary rights and entitlements
  • Testamentary/probate disputes
  • Challenges to wills and testamentary capacity
  • Enduring powers of attorney and wardship applications

If you wish to speak to us about making your will , administering an estate or any of the above matters then please call us on 091 582942